Sunday, April 6, 2014

Surprises are all around

Today was shaping up to be yet another day of nothing, nothing, and more of the same but I looked at my still-living fiddle leaf fig and decided it was a good idea to get it rebooted as the pot was solid roots.  I am not as full of my plant expertise as I once was -- I went through a serious black-thumb phase -- and called the place where I got the plant and asked if they'd repot it.

"It's the weekend," they said.  "It's super busy right at the beginning of planting season.  We might have to keep your plant overnight and you can get it tomorrow.  Or can you please come another time?"

"I can come next Saturday," I said.  "Right when you open!"

"No, next Saturday we're having a special event that will go on all day," they said.

"Sunday!"  I exclaimed.  "I will come on Sunday right when you open."

They sighed. 

"Come now," they said.  "We'll get it done."

They said it would be $5 to do the repotting and another dollar for the cheap plastic pot I wanted.

I have some things for a friend who lives not far from there and texted asking if I could swing by and give him the things. 

"Yes!  Please come by!  We're here!"

When I arrived at the garden joint, they were doing a lively business.  I went to the repotting area and asked the man there if he was the one with whom I'd spoken.

"No," said he.  "We're too busy to do that today.  You're gonna have to leave it."

"Well, okay, I can pick it up next week.  I don't live or work anywhere near here," I said.

"Yeah, we're too busy," he said.

"You're not gonna kill it, are you?" I asked.  I wasn't really kidding but I said it with fear and a little alarm.

There was great incredulity across his face.

"Really?" he asked as he moved his arms around, indicating the many lovely, thriving plants in the greenhouse area.

"Tell me how it's doing," I said, indicating the plant.

"This is not an easy plant and it's doing great.  Whatever you're doing, keep doing it."  Then he added as quickly, "This isn't a free service."

"I know," I said.  "The other person said it was five dollars and a dollar for the plastic pot I prefer."

"Forget that," said the man.  "I'll give you the pot."  He went to the spot where they kept their old plastic pots, chose one bigger than mine, and came back.  He scribbled "Repot $5" on a scrap of paper and said, "Take this to the cashiers."

I thanked him as he called over three guys and told them to please repot the plant.

When I got back from paying, one young man was repotting the plant, another was working on bagging a giant mother-in-law's tongue, and the third was hovering nearby to assist the repotter.  I offered to assist the guy bagging the plant -- it was a huge ass plant and the bag was ginormous -- but I was advised with a smile, "It's okay. I got it."  The repotter asked them to check his work, the other two added more dirt and patted it down, then they gave it to me, telling me to make sure I watered it well when I got home.  I gave them my receipt and thanked them very much.

It was done!  And I didn't have to come back!  Thanks, sirs!

I am not beautiful.  I am really not even pretty.  On my best days I am somewhat attractive but I know there are people who think I look severe and scary (and I am down with it).  I only have my personality to get me things and today it was a great day for charm. 

Pretty people everywhere take note:  Work on your personality.  One day your looks will go and if you have a personality like poo you will just be that weird old person who is so mean and unpleasant.

The second surprise was when I got to my friend's house, he invited me for coffee at his new local coffee shop.  We chose some very caffeinated selections (mine was called Red Eye which had to be 47 shots of espresso and some hot water) and sat and blabbed for hours.  His partner walked over and joined us for an hour of it.

What a surprise!  It was the nicest day.

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