Sunday, June 15, 2014

OMG Hugh Jackman, All Over the Place and Hurray!

Behold this teaser for the PBS show "Kimchi Chronicles."  Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his wife, Marja, go to South Korea -- the birthplace of Marja -- and learn about Korean food and then come back and cook it with their neighbors, the Jackmans.  Sounds simple, right?

In my Thursday night tap class, the teacher, Bril Barrett, has every student name a tap dancer -- past or present -- as an homage to those who have danced before us.  Last week, suffering from Tony Awards damage, I named Hugh Jackman.  Bril said he'd not watched the Tonys but someone sent him the clip where Hugh tapped with the cast from "After Midnight," and then said, "Hugh Jackman tore it up!"  Then he added, "But to me he's Wolverine."

After class, I usually walk by myself to the CTA train, but last week walked with one of my classmates.  She said, "Oh you know there is a TV show where Hugh Jackman and his wife cook Korean food, right?  On PBS?"  My brain did what it always does when I hear something that right then and there makes no sense.  It was the same thing it did when my friend Michael told me about his friend who had a pet python during the period when Michael was Porky Pig in a production of "Bugs Bunny and Friends on Ice."  My brain went "What?  What?  What?  What?  Porky Pig?  On ICE?  What?  What?  What?  What?  What?"  It said it so many times that I had to ask Michael to please repeat his story.  My classmate told me that and many whats ran around my head.  When I got home, sure enough, I found "Kimchi Chronicles" starring Jean-Georges and Marja and their neighbors, Hugh and Deb Jackman.

It's great that Jean-Georges and Marja did all this hands-on research about Korean cooking but it's Hugh Jackman and his wife cooking Korean food with them.  HUGH JACKMAN IS EVERY KIND OF AWESOME!  (And most awesome is that he's a devoted husband and dad.)

Here's the link to the whole series:

And one more time:  HUGH JACKMAN!!  (Regular readers of this blog know I will get obsessed with something/someone -- like Jacques Brel -- and feature it/him for a  few weeks running.  Yes, Hugh Jackman is the obsession du moment.)

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