Sunday, June 8, 2014


It's the best night for honoring the New York theatre and therefore THE WORLD of theatre!  It's the presentation of the 2014 Tony Awards starring that superhunk of excellent Australian man meat, Hugh Jackman.  Perhaps you've not heard of Mr. Jackman to which I ask, "What the f*ck rock is it you live under?" 

Mr. Jackman was Curly in "Oklahoma" on Broadway and he was Peter Allen in "The Boy From Oz," also on Broadway.  He is Wolverine in the popular X-Men series of movies.  He was Jean Valjean in "Les Miserables."

Hugh Jackman acts.  Hugh Jackman sings.  As evidence of belonging on the Radio City Music Hall stage, Hugh Jackman tap dances.  TAP DANCES, y'all!  As a student of the percussive shoe art that is tap, I can share that it's not easy.  It takes practice, discipline, and some not-cheap footwear.  We will be seeing Hugh Jackman TAP DANCE and I am very excited.

I love the Tony Awards and I would have gladly done with terrific Mr. Neil Patrick Harris as the host again (last year he jumped through a hoop -- literally -- with the cast of "Pippin") but Hugh Jackman is the complete package:  handsome, talented, and smart.  Case in point:  When I watch him being interviewed I don't want to smack him.

The show starts with a huge tap number starring Mr. Jackman and members of various casts, especially "Around Midnight," a show that features ... tap dancing!

It would be so off-the-hook, smack-my-face, steal-my-dinner crazy if one night Hugh Jackman turned up at Friday Night Tap Jam.  My less-than-stellar improv skills would go right out the window as I stared at the gorgeous specimen of human male.  I would try to not stare and giggle and blush and would try not to miss my turn.  But I assure you, if he happened to use my moves -- that's a big tap-jam thing, stealing the moves of others -- I would talk about that for the rest of my life, prompting my family members to tell me, "OH SHUT UP!!"  Hmmm, maybe Mr. Jackman at Friday Night Tap Jam is not the best idea.


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