Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Why don't you save us all some time and give up now?"

I had a whole other idea for this week's blog and then my aural and visual senses were first delighted and then assaulted by videos on the Web.

The delight was courtesy of Weird Al Yankovic.  This past week he released eight videos in eight days which made Mandatory Fun the first comedy album to debut in the Number One spot on the Billboard chart since Allan Sherman's My Son, The Nut in 1963.  It's a stunning achievement for a musician; it's monumental for a comedian, especially one who writes song parodies (much like Mr. Sherman).  I have discussed their merits with [the two] friends who've seen them all and for me, there are three standouts.

Pharrell Williams' 24 Hours of Happy ( is the song Happy lip-synched for 24 hours, around the clock, in various parts of Los Angeles by various locals.  I like the song, I like the video.  We have danced to it in one of my tap classes.  I've gotten people to watch at least some of it.  It's a damn catchy song.  Ah, Mr. Yankovic makes it more wonderful.  It's now Tacky and if you wear insanely mismatched clothing and do inconsiderate things and have some really bad manners and are not even mildly ashamed of it, you might be tacky, too.  (I admit that I include myself, y'all.)  Weird Al's version features Eric Stonestreet, Aisha Tyler, and Jack Black, to name just three, and is done all in one take.

GRAMMAR!  People have forgotten it exists.  Do schools even teach it?  Do people pay attention to it?  I try to pay attention and Weird Al definitely does.

As someone who blogged about sports for quite a while (and still does on occasion), Weird Al's Sports Song pleases me very much.  Unlike most of Weird Al's oeuvre, it's an original song.  I have probably watched Sports Song ten times.  It's smart and fun and all you have to know when you watch it is the mantra of sports fans everywhere:  We're great; you suck.

And now the assault:  Out of Berlin, Germany, has come a most WTF?, hipster-cool, keep-you-up-at-night piece of internet-only supermarket advertising.  It's from the German grocer, EDEKA, and it's called "Supergeil" (which I gather from a NY Times article is lightly obscene and translates to supercool).  Seriously:  what the fuck?  The moment at 1:33 is one of the top weird things I've come across all year long.  (No, I don't think Weird Al Yankovic is weird.  Weird Al is awesome.)

If you're interested and you've not read your ten articles this month, here's the link to the New York Times article:

You Tube offers a selection of the 30-second EDEKA TV spots featuring the same actor.  Below is a random pick.  Enjoy at your own peril!

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