Sunday, August 24, 2014

Black Dog Concerts Presents (and the alarm that is the Chicago Bears)

It is the preseason but my prediction about the maximum suckage of Jay Cutler seems be coming true.  It seems I have to add that Marc Tressman isn't making me fall in love with him either.  And what the hell, my man, Robbie Gould, did NOT get the one-point conversion because the score was 34-6 (6 means a touchdown and another 1 to that means a field goal) (but Robbie's kicking leg might have atrophied from waiting for his team to do something other than bite) (I cut maximum amounts of slack for R. Gould).  The Seahawks do not suck.  Good for Seattle!  They have something of which they can be super proud and I am envious.

Those in Seattle can be envious of me because I can go to the home of Americana music empresarios Van Delisle and Karin McCool and see a Black Dog Concert.  This month Bejae Fleming and Jackie Blount came from their home in Columbus, Ohio, to our city, Chicago, and put on a very happy, enjoyable show.  The artists were having a great time; the audience appreciated it; it was the usual smooth show experience from Van and Karin.  Bejae and Jackie are two seriously smart, lovely, personable performers and, of course, excellent musicians.  Van and Karin offer up nothing less than excellent performers.
Bejae Fleming at work
Here is a selection from last night (You Tube and I have agreed that I will do exactly what it wants and in its time).  I don't know the name of this song -- sorry, ladies.  The lighting is as bad as the cavern-quality I offered with Peter Cooper and Eric Brace (with Thomm Jutz) but the sound quality is quite good.  Enjoy!

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