Sunday, August 3, 2014

Taking pictures of the people taking pictures

I went to Beijing for the first time in 2003, just me, no tour.  I had a splendid time by myself but I am very comfortable all on my own.  That's not the point of this post.  On that trip I realized that I was fascinated by people posing for pictures and found myself photographing people as they posed for others.  A couple of years after that I went through a period of taking pictures of people taking pictures of me (my friend, Michael, was also interested in this).  For the last few years I've liked taking pictures of people taking pictures (although pictures of people as they pose still sneak in taken from a different angle, usually one of retreat -- mine). 

I find it fascinating.

The pictures are about love, art, vacation, art on vacation, art of the one you love on vacation.  They're "Oh, yeah, I forget what this is.  It's in Chicago.  People just walk past it like they don't care it's there."  They care, they just have to get a train.

So here's a selection from my personal archive.  Next time you see someone taking a picture of someone or something, trying to take a picture of it and see what you get.  If that doesn't work, insinuate yourself into their picture.  My god, I love a photobomb.

Obama Rally, Grant Park, November 2008
Vacation + Art + Love = Profile at Sunset.  Flamingo, Chicago, 2014

What IS that?  Flamingo, Chicago, July 2014
Miro!  Miro!  MoMA, New York City, May 2014
You will look so good with that background!  Art Institute of Chicago, 2014
Look at Dad!  By an AMERICAN FLAG!   MoMA, May 2014
Pretend it's for your class when you really just like her.  Brooklyn Museum, May 2014
This is precisely what I look for!  02 Aug 14 at MCA, Chicago

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