Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Bears, preseason, and me

It's somewhat well known that I do enjoy the Chicago Bears.  I have been mostly embarrassed by my affection for them.  I started writing a blog so I could talk about football games which mostly got down to how much I dislike Jay Cutler.

I still dislike Jay Cutler.  I find him a minor quarterback doing the job of a major one.  Last year the Bears renewed his contract for seven more years and many millions of dollars and released Josh McCown.  Yes, the Josh McCown who ended the 2013-14 season as the third-ranked QB in the NFL, behind Peyton Manning and Nick Foles, and the best of any QB in Bears history.  When he was released, Josh McCown was snapped up by Lovie Smith and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Jay did not have a record anywhere near that good and they kept him.

I often wonder what exactly goes through the minds of the Bears coaching and mangement staffs.  Hamster on wheels?  Bats on their way to a belfry?  Little kids on rollerskates?  Is it a hive-mind situation and they all share one brain?  I can't even begin to imagine that conversation.  "I think he's got what it takes."  "We just need a different approach!"  "This is the year it all falls into place!"  He's been here for years, they modified the offensive line several times, and Jay's pretty much the same.  Josh McCown had potentional he was realizing; Jay's, well, just Jay.

I wondered if I would write any Bears articles this year.  The answer is obviously yes.  Maybe I'm wrong about Jay but I suspect this year will offer more of the same including disappointment and heartache for the fans, of which I am one.  (If I am wrong, I will apologize to Jay in this blog which he doesn't read.  Wait.  Does he read?)

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