Sunday, August 10, 2014

Who did? Katydid.

Even in a big old city like Chicago, we get the opportunity to see lovely examples of nature.  The katydid was resting on the post outside a regular building and I was amazed!  This is the kind of stuff I used to see when I was a camp counselor in the woods in southeastern Michigan.  Katydids, walking sticks, praying mantis -- all right there to freak the hell out of a bunch of young women and girls.

Here are two pictures I took yesterday morning.  At one point it got sick of all the snaps we were taking -- I was not alone -- and it turned and flew at me.  I screamed like a girl because I am an old girl and while a lot of stuff no longer phases me, that made me scream and jump back.  It was not a good look, I assure you.

Looking like a leaf on legs

"Stop taking my picture, bitch!"

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