Sunday, September 14, 2014

Brief but I mean it

Topics I considered for today:

1.  Dead trees:  Safety last in forest preserves, along the freeway, and on the streets of Chicago.

2.  Jay Cutler:  Ick

3.  My vacation:  You don't care?  Why the hell not?

Now, I could go on and on about how the city and the parks and the county and the state need to get it together and fell the dead trees because all those dead trees near streets and roads and sidewalks and trails near humans traveling in cars/walking/biking are a public hazard, but how does one put it?

How about this:  All those dead trees are a public hazard.

A local woman was killed last week on the North Branch Trail by a dead tree that fell on her when she was caught in a fast-moving storm and couldn't get to shelter.

In 1991, Kathy Huffhines, the film critic of the Detroit Free Press, died when a dead tree fell on the car in which she was traveling in Philadelphia.

If you see a dead tree in Chicago, call 311 with the address.  Call the state.  Call the county if it's in a forest preserve.  Call the Chicago Park District if it's in a city park.  Dead trees need to be removed so no one else is killed.

My vacation?  I am waiting for an airfare sale.

And Jay Cutler?  Ick.  Overpaid, undertalented, not well spoken, uncharismatic, stiff.  100% ick.

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