Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's been a while

Yes, it's been a while since I yakked on and on about the Bears but it's the new year and the topic needs to be put to rest for the rest of the season.  Why?  The playoff season's just getting started, you might say.  Not for the Bears it isn't.  This year they plumbed the depths of sucking.  The Bears are known for their defensive line.  The defensive line bit.  The offensive line, on the other hand, brought out at least three real stars -- Kyle Long, Kyle Fuller, and Alshon Jeffery.  Jay Cutler, much reviled by me, has proven himself to be as poor a prospect as I've been saying he is.  The coach, Marc Trestman, so popular and successful in the Canadian Football League, was a flop.  The general manager, Phil Emery was a flop because he brought in Trestman and gave Jay Cutler such an impossibly-good-for-Jay-bad-for-the-Bears contract (seven years, $126 million, with three seasons of guarantees) that the Bears can't really get rid of Jay.  They were fired the day after the regular season was over.

Marc Trestman really seems like this nice, soft-spoken man.  If a nice, soft-spoken man can't get the team to work with him and each other, then there's no room for him in the NFL.  Jay Cutler can't go because, honestly, who would they get?  A quarterback position is very hard to fill as there are not that many great quarterbacks lying around.  QBs come out of college and often tank.  I think we need to find a coach who can work with Jay's few strengths (which are not getting rid of the ball, throwing the ball accurately many yards in the direction of the goalpost, and finding the wide receiver at all).  Phil Emery, well, dude, you screwed your own pooch.  When I heard the deal you negotiated with Jay last year, where Jay was getting so, so much money and a guarantee of much of the loot, I thought whoever did that deal must be out of his mind.  Phil, you were out of your mind!  Where would Jay go?  Who would want him?  Nowhere, man, and no one.  Jay should've paid the Bears to be a quarterback.  True, there's not a lot of choice but maybe  no one would choose him and the Bears could've turned a tidy little profit.

For Bears fans, the true believers, this is a very exciting time.  All fans look to Hallas Hall to see what George McCaskey and Ted Phillips do with advice of Ernie Accorsi, whom they hired as a consultant via the NFL Career Development Advisory Panel.  We do know that Virginia McCaskey, age 91, is pissed off with mediocrity.  Unlike Mrs. McCaskey, I have no monetary gain from the success or failure of the team and I see her point.  Except they're not mediocre -- they have just sucked. 

So it's another "building year."  I am sick of "building years."  Fingers crossed that this time they get it a little closer to right.

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