Sunday, March 8, 2015

Own it

I know you've seen them everywhere.  You've seen, I have, everyone has seen those diners who bring out large DSLR cameras and take detailed pictures of their food and that of the dining companion.  This angle and that, "tilt the plate ... there!"  Photographing and blogging about the food they order has become the primary event and eating the food is secondary.  You wish there were two of them so you could knock their heads and lenses together because when they're done with the photography, they sit back and look smug and satisfied with themselves.  "I have a camera," they seem to think.  "I took a picture of FOOD."

This morning I met my friend, Michael, for a late-morning repast.  Michael is a dear friend and we'd not had a chance to catch up for several months.  When our food arrived, Michael pulled out his iPhone and positioned the plates.  Then he said something that made everything charming and fun.  He said, "I'm gonna be THAT guy."  I laughed, he got the picture below, and we went dug in.

THE DIFFERENCE:  he doesn't act like he's the coolest, the most creative, the hippest (but he is extremely cool, creative, and hip).  He likes to do it.  He knows it bugs some people.  He charmingly apologizes.

Yesterday, I was in Costco and I asked the checker and the packer to please just stick it all back in the cart, "because," I said with a great smile, "I'm a big asshole and I like things packed a certain way."  They smiled, I smiled, I took the cart to the side, and packed my things the way I like them.

Not everyone thinks you're divine so just make it easy on the world and say, "I'm gonna be THAT guy."

It's a pretty good picture, n'est pas?

Svea's Viking Breakfast with a side of Swedish meatballs.  Courtesy of Michael McAfee

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