Sunday, April 26, 2015

It's coming and cannot be stopped

Yeah, yeah, the clusterfuck that is the NFL Draft is coming to my town next week, taking place at the Auditorium Theatre with a fan experience being created a few blocks away.  Called "Draft Town," it will feature Buckingham Fountain changing colors to that of whatever team just made a draft pick.  Traffic is being rerouted and temporary buildings are going up in the middle of Grant Park (and a few streets).  What a spectacle!  What sensational drama!  Who the hell is paying for this shit?

When this is all over, I don't want to hear how the NFL -- one of the most successful conglomerates in the world -- made Chicago pay for any of it, like when we found out just earlier in 2015 that Chicago itself paid out money for the Olympic bid when Mayor Daley swore it was being paid for with private contributions.  (Yes, he sucked so hard at the end of his many terms.)  If they're rerouting buses, if police have to work extra shifts, if Buckingham Fountain changes freaking colors, then the NFL should pay for it, and a little extra for the inconvenience, thanks.

I say this like a sourpuss who will be giving it a wide berth.  On the contrary, I am going first thing on Saturday morning.  I am going to capture the stuff and, as my sister said to me, I can take pictures of people taking pictures at Draft Town.  Team memorabilia on display; a large ass temporary building; football-fan tourists paying their respects at the Temporary Temple of the National Football League and doing what the NFL likes best which is spending money on any NFL related; Buckingham Fountain all colorful and cool (which I suppose is why the draft is mostly in the evening, so you can actually see the colors).  I am hoping there is free crap because I love free crap (stolen motto:  "If it's free, it's for me.").  Of course the taking pictures of people doing just that is my goal.  My fear:  A picture of me taking a picture of someone taking a picture turning up somewhere and just look ghastly wide from that angle.

Go Bears!

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