Sunday, June 7, 2015

The wait's over

American Pharoah raced into the record books when he won the Belmont Stakes yesterday, earning racing's Triple Crown for himself.  What a stud!  No, seriously.  That piece of horseflesh is now worth anywhere between $20 - $100 million dollars.  For the right price, a few fillies will get to spend adult time with him and they will have his children and win big racing money and on and on.  There will be no pre-nup and he will not be paying child support.  Animals!  Whatever.

I know nothing about horseracing but it was very cool to see him cross the finish line ahead of his competitors.  The 37-year wait for a horse to win the Triple Crown is over!  His trainer was happy, his jockey was happy, I imagine his owner was bust-a-gut happy, and I was happy for them.

American Pharoah, smiling in victory.  Courtesy of Fox Sports.

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