Sunday, June 21, 2015

What would YOU do?

Courtesy of NBC, NHL, Chicago Blackhawks, and my TV
The Chicago Blackhawks WON, beating the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 6.  YAY BLACKHAWKS YAY!

The Cup has been making its way around the city, turning up at restaurants and bars with the various players and going to Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Sharp's house for a team lunch on their rooftop deck.  There are Twitter Stanley Cup trackers and if you happen to go to the place where the Cup is visiting, you can touch the Cup and get your picture taken with it.  Most people are excited about the Stanley Cup and I am happen to report I am one of them. 

(We had a fire drill this past week and our building facilities manager ended the drill lecture by saying, "Be safe.  Go Hawks.")

Two million people came to the parade; the city doubled the length of the parade route to accommodate all the people they realized were going to attend.  There were 61,000 free tickets for Soldiers Field and Jumbotrons set up outside of it but they ended up letting in as many people as the fire marshalls would allow which made for a very exciting time for the Blackhawks and for the fans.  (Our mayor, Rahm Emanuel, was booed at his introduction.  Amen.  But they didn't boo Governor Bruce Rahner?  He deserves it just as much or more with his Sarah-Palin-One-of-the-People style of "talkin'".  He's a billionaire who still puts ads on TV to try to keep his opponents in the Illinois House and Senate down.)

Each member of the organization is allowed to have the Stanley Cup for 24 hours.  What would you do if you had it for 24 hours? 

For me, it would depend on my life situation, but right now I am thinking a romantic cruise for the me and the Stanley Cup, from Copenhagen to Oslo.  (Me, the Cup, and its two minders, that is.)  The Stanley Cup and I would wake up in Oslo Fjord.  We would have breakfast.  Then we'd go to see Edvard Munch's painting, "The Scream."  There would be a lunch featuring fish.  I'd cry when they took him away.

Or else I'd take him on the 56 Milwaukee bus.  That'd make the riders smile, I think.

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