Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bears! Bears! Bears!!

There have been three pre-season games for my team, the Chicago Bears.  Here is what I have gleaned from the little attention I've been paying:

1.  Pre-season play is foolhardy! How many players have been injured in these three games, including Jimmy Clausen, the second string quarterback.  (Insert sigh of relief here:  he did not suffer a concussion.)  Also injured in this game were cornerback Tracy Porter, defensive tackle Jeremiah Ratliff, nose tackle Eddie Goldman, and running back Senorise Perry.  How is any of this okay?  Just have lots and lots of practices -- hard practices on the actual field against the practice team -- but don't risk the season for games that don't count.  Injuries that count and can affect someone's future are not worth sustaining in pre-season play.

2.  Jay Cutler is not just a non-top-tier QB he really dances below the middle tier and down around the bottom.  He is not going to improve enough to be a top-tier QB; I say play Jimmy Clausen, assuming he's okay after yesterday's injury, and let Jay sit on the bench and think about what he did.

3.  Ever since Mrs. Jay Cutler spoke this summer and said that she and Jay didn't think of Chicago as home, Jay seems to be trying to be more personable and available.  As much as he can be personable and available and still be Jay, that is.  Too late, pal.  Everyone heard it, everyone processed it, and everyone will remember it.  If you didn't stink so much as a quarterback, people might be a little more forgiving.  If you didn't ingest so much of what Saturday Night Live once referred to as "the first whipped topping for cats," people might be willing to think of just the season.  I am thinking of the season -- the season that comes after he's no longer the Bears first-string QB.

4.  Head coach John Fox seems sane and reasonable, determined and focused.  I don't think that will change.

As I write this, I wonder why I still care about this.  I just care.  I do.   The end.

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