Sunday, August 16, 2015

Happy Anniversary

I began writing this post on August 2, 2011.  I consider the time I've spent thinking about it, writing it, and rewriting it to be time well spent.  In fact, I didn't realize it had been four years; it felt like two years.  That makes no sense since it took almost a year to write She Is Where.

I began working at my present job on August 15, 1995.  The cumulative time went by like a shot but that's what happens when you're not a young person.  Time might seem to drag on a daily basis and yet you can almost watch the clock whirring forward.  I will not be getting these 20 years back.

That's as much philosophy as you're getting from me today except toe say that the Bears are back and those years Jay has been the quarterback?  We fans of the Chicago Bears won't be getting those back either.

So I close by telling you what I've been saying at work, "It's my anniversoire."  (Yeah, I know it's not a word.)

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