Sunday, September 27, 2015

Speed and the most amazing camera ever, really

I made the very good decision of booking a day trip to Kyoto out of Tokyo.  They are nowhere near each other so it really is an all-day affair if you want to see anything at all.  The train ride is two hours with a top speed of 243 kilometers per hour.  Within city limits like Tokyo, the train can't go that fast but out in the countryside, it's a like a bullet.  On the trip to Kyoto, there was daylight and a lot of curiousity on my part, Japanese countryside, some views of the sea, and using the restroom in a train going 243 KPH.  The train is pretty damn smooth.  Trains in the USA -- Amtrak and commuter trains -- do a lot of jostling along, probably due to the condition of the rail and the age of the train cars.  (Commuter and subway trains in Japan?  Also pretty damn smooth.)

We have a pretty good view of Chicago from the office where I work.  It's an unobstructed north and northwest view of the city.  A few years ago, a really powerful storm blew through and we all raced to the window to get pictures of the clouds.  I advised one of my coworkers to lay her phone against the glass and she would get great views without reflection.  This method of cell phone photography has clearly become the accepted norm as I saw it used all over on this vacation.  Hold your camera away from the glass and you will have reflection; lay it on the glass, and you will get prime results.

So I took my iPhone and snapped off three pictures.  Considering everything, they are among the clearest I got on my trip, all the more remarkable because I was riding in a fast-moving train.  There is detail!  There is clarity!  I feel I got a better result than I might've with my Nikon D5200.  Really freaking amazing!


243 KPH!!

How is any detail at all possible?

The most amazing camera!  And I can use it to text my frenemies!

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