Sunday, October 4, 2015

Still dwelling on that Japan trip, y'all - an assortment of pictures

View from my hotel room:  Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building with Mt. Fuji to the left

Meiji Shrine, viewed from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building:  Dense, old growth forest and city surrounding it

Mums for sale:  By the kilo at the fish market
Hanazono Shrine at night
Near Isetan Department Store, the gate to Hanazono Shrine:  At night, which is 7pm in September, it is dark. I live in Chicago; I hoped it was okay. (Perfectly okay.)
Kyoto wedding: Everyone in their Japanese finery but the bride went Western
Meiji Shrine wedding:  Totally Japanese wedding

It took 20 minutes for the photograher, 3rd from left, to set up this shot to his liking.
Tokyo Tower
Before you enter a Shinto shrine, you rinse your left hand, right hand, pour water in your left and rinse your mouth (spit water on the ground).  The dipper never actually touches you.

This gentleman said he is the oldest travel guide in Japan, age 86.  He went to different Kyoto temples every day to talk to tourists in English and liked having his picture taken.
But his favorite thing was embracing every woman with whom he posed.

Hello, friends!  At the Kiyomizudera Temple

Kiyomizudera Temple with the modern part of Kyoto in the distance
Mt. Fuji and Darth Vader?  WTF, George Lucas???
Mt. Fuji, a scarf around the face and head

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