Saturday, November 7, 2015

The good doctor

Dr. Sanjiva Pather is a radiologist originally from Mauritius, now living and working in Brussels, Belgium.  We met on a tour of Kyoto.  We sat together on the bus and happened to get along.  At Kiyomizudera Shrine, we started talking about photography, he produced a massive lens, I laughed and said inappropriate things.  San showed me pictures as he took them and I was so impressed by the movement he captured with that excellent piece of glass.  Please note: it doesn't matter what the equipment is because a good photographer can get good results with a disposable camera and San is a very good photographer who knows how to put his excellent camera to good use.  San has an enviably good eye and was generous enough to share some of his work with me.  I asked him to answer some questions and tell me about the pictures he sent.  I am so pleased to share his work with you.

(Editor's note:  Because of the time difference and busy schedules, I am 90% certain of the quotes for the pictures.  However, those which I couldn't match with the quotes San sent to me are labelled  "Untitled," the city where I think they were taken, and then the month and year.)

Oh, I Think So:  What kind of camera do you use?

San Pather:  Nikon D 610.

OITS:  What's your favorite lens?

SP:  70-200mm 2.8 but it's a big piece of machinery for current use. Most pictures from Japan were shot with the 24-70mm.

OITS:  You sent me a broad selection of photographs from your trip to Japan.  What's
your favorite thing to photograph because you do best with it?  For example, I prefer to shoot people as I do best with that.  You can set me up on a street corner to get an obvious picture of a building and I will still honk it up.

SP:  I really would like to shoot "contextual" portraits, catching the subject off-guard. Also, I think I am really lame at landscape shots.

OITS:  Where will you go on your next vacation?

SP:  Costa Rica (I hope!).

"The only person on the street in Akihabara. ... Tough time to be a hostess of a theme bar."
"Open kitchen of another restaurant in Tokyo. ...
... Never a wrong decision to follow the local crowd to find something to eat."
"Purifying and somehow refreshing ritual outside Meiji-Jingu." (part 1)

"The other side of a traditional wedding."

"Purifying and somehow refreshing ritual outside Meiji-Jingu." (part 2)

"Great place for Ramen near Ebisu -- Ippudo Ramen.  Great ambience too!"
"A metro, like anywhere else in the world?"

"Rebel with a cause."

"Watching some cranes in their natural habitat habitat."
"A rare public display of affection."

Untitled, Tokyo, September 2015

"Free people behind bars in Kyoto."
Untitled Ramen, Kyoto, September 2015
"Two very nice ladies striking a pose during their morning chat in the streets of Kyoto."

Selfie:  "Made up of weird bits and pieces inside..."

"One of the most intriguing scenes from the small streets of Kyoto."

"Learning from Eileen about photos of people taking photos."
"The 'not bad selfie, but can do better' look."
Untitled, Kiyomizudera Shrine, Kyoto, September 2015
Editor's note:  This was the picture that made me see San's talent.  Look at the movement in the hair of the girls!  Look at the shallow depth of field!  It's that nice, fast glass and the photographer's eye.
Untitled, Kiyomizudera Shrine, Kyoto, September 2015

Untitled, Kiyomizudera Shrine, Kyoto, September 2015
Untitled, Kiyomizudera Shrine, Kyoto, September 2015

Untitled, Kiyomizudera Shrine, Kyoto, September 2015
"Pick to drink from only of of three fresh water sources:  health, wealth, and something I can't remember. ...
"Drinking from more than one source makes you a greedy person, or a thirsty person, kind of ..."

"Free people behind bars in Kyoto." (part 2)

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