Sunday, November 22, 2015

Vive la Belgique!

Yesterday, 21 November 2015, all public transportation in Brussels, the capitol city of Belgium, was closed down.  People were advised to stay away from airports, train stations, and shopping malls.  The national Crisis Center raised its terrorism level for the Brussels area to Level 4, which means a serious and immediate threat.  I know a couple of people who live in the Brussels area.  I sent messages to both -- the good doctor whose photos were shared here in this blog just a few weeks ago; and someone whom I know online.

This morning I saw that online friend was around and we chatted briefly as well.  I'd left him a message that I was thinking of him and that I hoped all was well and he said, "Thank you to be worried.  Its really going bad we have to live with it." He added that it was "nothing," which I took to be his way of saying that it is what it is.

I no longer work in a train station -- yeah, I changed jobs, jumping from the frying pan into the fire but a fire that's not in a train station -- so I don't have officers of the law with dogs, officers of the law with bulletproof vests, officers of the law in groups of two or three roaming around the public areas of the building where I work.  I entered via the back door of that building, the part that's not by the trains, then took an elevator to the office building lobby to avoid the long escalator rides and the train crowd; I never saw the cops with dogs or bulletproof vests or the groups of cops.  The only reason I knew they were there is if someone came in and said, "What's going on?  I just saw a couple of canine units."  We'd all wonder what was going on, no one heard anything on the news that morning, and then we'd get back to work, because it is what it is.

Vive la Belgique and I hope that no terror befalls them.  Also long live us all and I hope no terror befalls any of us either.

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