Sunday, December 20, 2015

Look at this beauty

Good enough to eat, so we did.
Yesterday was my birthday; happy birthday to me.  I love my birthday.  No one else has to enjoy it because my affection for my birthday more than makes up for a universal lack of enjoyment/appreciation.

Every year, I get my own cake.  "Oh," I've been told, "you shouldn't have to get your own cake."  Au contraire, I say.  If I choose the cake, then I know what's coming.  I am not a huge fan of surprises; I mostly like to know what's coming.  So, I go to a grocery store or to a bakery and I pick a frosting color and advise that I want yellow cake and pick what the decorations there will be.  I pick up and pay for the cake on the appointed day and time and then bring the cake along to dinner.

Behold this turquoise wonder!  The edge on the top edge was perfect.  The flowers weren't too many.  They spelled my name right and did just what I asked.  BONUS:  It turned our teeth, tongues, and lips green-blue and was delish.

Happy birthday to ME!  It was a very nice day made all the better because it was my birthday.

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