Sunday, January 10, 2016

At long last winter

Long-time readers of this blog know that I am no fan of snow.  A nice, solid deep freeze is fine with me but accumulating snow?  No, thank you.

Yesterday I took a class downtown then lunched with a classmate. Afterward I went and tried on frames because I am hell bent on having new glasses.  While I was in the optical shop (and also Nordstrom because, oh, what the hell), it started to snow.  When I emerged into the world it was very white but nothing was sticking.  It was just what might be called a wintry bother.  I got home, walking gingerly on the sidewalks because it seemed slightly slick and my footwear was wrong, and when I arrived chez moi, I stayed there. 

This morning I looked outside and it was as if there'd been no snow event at all.  The grassy bits looked whiter but the sidewalks and streets were clear.  TV weatherfolk advised it was cold and getting colder but it would be a sunny day.

And so it was.

I had breakfast with a friend and then a visit to the optometrist who dilated my pupils.  I walked to the grocery store and the beauty-goods store then took a bus home.  It was 12ºF.  The sun was so bright and it was so cheerfully pleasant that I was delighted in spite of looking like some hateful, ferociously squinting crazy person.  Seriously, my eyes were slits and it's hard to squint and smile.  Still, as I crossed the parking lot from beauty to foodstuffs, squinting so hard, looking so insane, a man walking the other way looked at me and said hi.  I said hi back and we wished each other a good day.  No, I don't still have it -- did I ever have it? -- but it was a beautiful day and we both knew it and on such a day, it's great to just say hello.

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