Sunday, January 24, 2016

Taking pictures of Mike (and a tourist) taking pictures

It got up to all of 3º that day but when we met up it was hovering at about 1º.  We fortified ourselves with Starbucks then went across the street to see the new collection in the Art Institute's Modern Wing, me and Mike, two people who had MLK Day off.

It was a good (albeit cold) day with good company and good art.  Yeah, Mike knew that I was going to do it and when I was doing it.  I tried to grab the image without him holding to take the shot while I set up.  I believe I was mostly successful in these.

Andy Warhol is well represented

There is a whole large room of just Warhol

Ideally you get the person, the picture, and the picture in the camera

Sometimes an unsuspecting tourist is too hard to resist (note: 1º and no socks)

If you can't get the whole person, get some of the person and a lot of the image

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