Sunday, March 20, 2016

Curling your lashes with cutlery

Mascara is a subjective thing.  There are a zillion brands and each brand has a million varieties.  Curling!  Curling and lengthening!  Lengthening and separating!  It could boggle the mind but as a woman, I find this to be far too important an issue to not concentrate upon, pay attention to, and think about in order to make a solid decision.  I am swayed by magazine ads and magazine articles, TV ads, store displays, and QVC.  (The last one is usually right before I go to bed and I've only done it once but it worked out very well and I totally love the mascara.)

Then there is the curling of the lash.  Do you curl before you coat or coat and then curl?  I am a coat and then curl girl but I sometimes do the former.  I coat and then curl because I forget to curl first and for some lunk-headed reason I keep the curler in a different part of the medicine cabinet from the mascara.  I've been meaning to rearrange the cabinet ... for 17 years.  Yeah, I'm in no particular rush.

With my new job, I have to take a bus to the subway and then continue the rest of the way on the El train.  I get whichever of two buses comes along, each going to a different subway station.  If the one bus comes on time, I can connect immediately to a particular train.  If the bus in front of my regular one runs early and my driver has to pick up more people, the bus gets to the subway later and the train is pulling out of the station, which is is what happened on Tuesday.  It would be seven minutes until the next one, there were a few seats, so I decided to take one.

I sat next to a young woman who was putting on her makeup as she waited.  What fascinated me was what she was doing.  She had a spoon in her hand and was using it to curl her eyelashes.  Yes, you read that right.  She was using a spoon to curl her eyelashes.

At this point I could have thought "Oh, huh, how 'bout that?  What do you know?" and pulled out my book and read it.  I am not that person.  I have to know. If it's reasonable and the person seems pleasant and open, I will ask.  And so I did.

She's a young Latina woman and said this was how she'd learned to curl lashes.  She said she also had a regular eyelash curler (which she produced) but she said the spoon worked better.  She said she had two spoons which she used and showed me both.  One was a baby spoon, the other a child spoon.  "This is my favorite," she said of the child spoon. "It's the right size and the right weight and does the best job."  I pointed out that the spoon would never wear out and she'd never have to get another one which made her smile.  She said, "But don't use a soup spoon.  That is just too big."  She showed me three times how to hold the spoon, how to bend the lashes onto it, how to move along the lash line.  I thanked her and got on the train and instantly forgot how to hold the spoon.

The internet saved my bacon.  I went home that night and found more than a few vids on You Tube.  Here are two I liked very much.  The first is long and is a very basic video (with zero special effects and the sound of a TV in the distance) but the meat of the instruction is in the first half; the second has two other tips in it -- how to depuff your face with two spoons and how to make your own colored lip gloss using a spoon and a lighter.  I include both videos and you decide which gives the best explanation.

And before you and I each go off to try to not put out our eyes with spoons, remember that you're beautiful just as you are.

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