Sunday, March 6, 2016

So long, Crawleys

Perhaps you're a fan of "Downton Abbey" and perhaps you're not.  It's the world of the Crawley family, a world that no longer exists.  It was very good acting and costumes and hair and jewelry.  It was a time that's now gone that, thank goodness, will never come back but I enjoyed the show and tonight it all ends. 

I didn't watch the first season but I happened upon season 1 on Netflix right before season 2 started and, bang, I was hooked.  The days when people dressed for dinner in their finest and when the servants were completely subservient.  When the staff stood when the butler entered or left the room.  It started with the sinking of the Titanic and with it the heir to the Crawley title and estate, a cousin called Patrick who was going to marry the eldest Crawley daughter to keep the title close at hand as Robert and Cora Crawley had only girls.  They find a more distant cousin who practices law, lives with his mother who is a trained nurse, and who are both willing to move to live nearby so that he can learn what it means to run the estate.  Honestly, it didn't suck.

There will be other things to take its place -- do you remember "The Jewel and the Crown" and how riveting it could be? -- as they always do.  That was another world long gone.  "Downton Abbey" is another world.  Other worlds get us out of our own heads and sweep us into the past or a future.  When I worked as a proofreader, a bunch of us were devotees of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," and one summer spent a lot of time discussing the "Locutus of Borg" situation.  "Lost" was an excellent topic of discussion for those of us who were fans.  "24." Nothing more can be said except what my friend, Mike, would say to me the next day at work which was, "What a pickle!"

I don't know what will capture my attention next even though less and less on network TV seems to grab me and hold me.  For now I will say that I will miss the Crawleys, Bates and Anna, Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes, and especially how really great the house that plays Downton Abbey looks from any angle.

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