Sunday, January 29, 2017

I am still moved

Yes, I am not leaving this spot for a few years.  It snowed some today but just enough to change Foster Beach from sandy beige to white.  The grassy areas are not quite covered and the roadways weren't affected so my view has not much changed.

I decided to not make my bed the moment I woke up today and did a load of wash.  I had some breakfast and had a post-washing nap and left the house with three dishes in the sink.  I ran errands!  I went to the dry cleaner to drop off sweaters, Nordstrom to make returns (as I lost weight and the things no longer fit) and an exchange (a smaller size in the pants for the aforementioned reason), to Target to see if they had a showerhead I might want, the Xfinity store to get a cable, Menards to view their showerheads, Costco for gas, Bed Bath and Beyond to view their showerheads, Home Depot to view their showerheads, another Target to view their showerheads and get some toilet bowl cleaner, and, finally, Jewel for frozen veggies and cottage cheese.  Total time out of the house:  about three hours.  I really am very efficient when it comes to the errand running.  I wish I could be as efficient at work as I am when running the errands.  (The showerhead will come from Target as it's $3 less than the one at Home Depot.)

At home I cleaned the toilet and the stainless sink and fridge.  I am getting ready to sweep the apartment and prep the bathroom for a repair tomorrow.  I tell you this about my bathroom repair:  If I have to leave this place for some reason, those pipes are coming with me.

Fingers crossed for me, my friends.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

So, yeah I moved


There were 60 boxes and now there about 20 boxes.  I have looked into the future and it's box free.

Boxes were emptied and some items were repacked to be given to Goodwill or the Brown Elephant.

My friend, Ray, rescued my bacon AGAIN by helping me unpack many of the boxes and get things put away or repacked.

Ray for KING!  Ray for EMPEROR!

Ray loves and respects order and things become orderly and organized in his presence.  I asked him to put certain things in a certain drawer.  That drawer is perfect.

He offered to organize things for me and I said, "You'll let me see where you're putting stuff, yeah?"  He said of course he would.

Order may be coming to even me.


Sunday, January 8, 2017


I am moving next Saturday, y'all.  Give me a chance to get settled and I will see you in two weeks.

Wish me luck!  I so need it.