Sunday, February 26, 2017

More Pokemon and I still care

From summertime Pokemon hunting at Adler Planetarium
Those scamps at Niantic, the Pokemon company, have released 80 new Pokemon into the world and okay, thanks!  If I take the 147 bus to work, I sleep as soon as my butt hits the seat until I get off somewhere on Michigan Avenue (depending on mood).  If I take the 136, from home until Wilson I look for Pokemon and am often rewarded with rarer things.  After Wilson, it becomes a cavalcade of the usual and I put away my phone, hug my backpack tight, and close my eyes to cop a few zzzzs.  I am not as dedicated as some but I am still looking.  It keeps my attention, makes the ride go faster, and, hey, I even catch some Pokemon!  Whatever Pokemon there are out there that I've not caught, I AM LOOKING FOR YOU, even the though you will probably flee.  You so like to flee, you vicious wild beasts.  Thanks, Niantic, for the distraction because I still care that they're there.

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